Alana Jeffery Music + Theater

Need help with an audition?  

Want to tighten up your vocal technique?

Don't understand your Shakespeare scene?

Alana can fix that!

Voice Lessons

Learn healthy singing habits and proper phrasing for classical and contemporary styling.

30 minute lesson - $25

Acting Lessons

From MacBeth to Our Town and everything in between, work through the text, and hone your acting skills.

30 minute lesson - $25

Musical Theater Coaching

Any combination of vocal and acting lessons to fit your needs. Learn how to simultaneously convey emotion and sing beautifully.

1 hour lesson - $50

The Audition

Perfect all aspects of the audition:

  • ​Song choice: Find the best song and the best cut for you and the part.
  • ​Monologues: Get the best monologues and learn how to trim them.
  • ​Appearance: Clothing, hair, and makeup guidance, making sure you look polished and professional.
  • ​Performance: Building the necessary confidence to communicate with the audience in a competitive environment.

1 hour lesson - $50

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